World Series of Poker Champions: 1990s

In the 1990s the first poker boom dried up a little, and the fields of the World Series of Poker leveled out a bit. In all but the first year of the decade, the top prize for the main event stayed the same … a cool one million dollars. The decade came to an end on kind of a flat note for the poker world, and absolutely no one had any idea what was in store for in the 2000s. The winners in the 1990s were …

1990 – Mansour Matloubi
1991 – Brad Daugherty
1992 – Hamid Dastmalchi
1993 – Jim Bechtel
1994 – Russ Hamilton
1995 – Dan Harrington
1996 – Huck Seed
1997 – Stu Ungar
1998 – Scotty Nguyen
1999 – Noel Furlong




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