World Series of Poker Champions: 1970s

The World Series of Poker was started in 1970 when 37 players played a variety of games, and a “voting panel” of eight players chose the player they thought had played the best (which turned out to be Johnny Moss). Every other year the WSOP was decided by a No Limit Hold Em tournament; it was winner take all until 1978. The tournament grew greatly during the decade. In 1972, six players entered, in 1979, over 50 entered. The winners in the 1970s were …

1970 – Johnny Moss
1971 – Johnny Moss
1972 – Amarillo “Slim” Preston
1973 – Puggy Pearson
1974 – Johnny Moss
1975 – Sailor Roberts
1976 – Doyle Brunson
1977 – Doyle Brunson
1978 – Bobby Baldwin
1979 – Hal Fowler




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