Disability-Friendly Vegas: Hotels/Restaurants/Shows

Las Vegas is not only a tourist hot spot, but it is also booming with business in the convention trade. To accommodate all visitors, Las Vegas hotels have made great strides and gone to great lengths to accommodate people with all types of disabilities, many exceeding ADA requirements.


All major hotels have specific guestrooms with accessible bathrooms including commodes, sinks and either roll-in or transfer showers or tubs with built-in seating or portable seating. When booking your room, it is best to do so through the hotel directly and over the phone so that you receive the accommodations you need. For additional information, you can contact the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority at 800.844.2592.





Almost every restaurant in Las Vegas can accommodate wheelchairs, with ramps and elevators transferring visitors to those not on the ground floor. No special reservations are necessary, but if you do call one of the busier establishments to make reservations, it is wise to mention your needs so that a suitable table with plenty of clearance is available.


The long-running shows and established showrooms in Vegas can also be disabled-friendly. Much like movie theaters and ballparks, there are usually special areas available for wheelchair seating, and many of the larger hotels offer listening devices for those with a hearing impairment. Check with the ticket office or at the lounge entrance of the show.