The Orleans Spa: An Affordable Way to Relax

One of the lesser-known secrets in Las Vegas Vegas, at least from a value perspective, is the spa at The Orleans. Spa Orleans, while not of the caliber as Bellagio Las Vegas or The Wynn, is an excellent spa with a small, friendly staff that knows what they are doing. Spa services include the usual array of massages, skin treatments, facials and body wraps, as well as specialty treatments including the sea salt exfoliation and seaweed peel, for a fraction of the price you would pay at many other spas in town.

But just because prices are lower doesn’t mean you are skimping on quality. The smaller spa size gives it a boutique feel, and, because it’s located off of the Strip, it isn’t nearly as crowded as many other spas in the city might be. And yet you can rest assured that the quality you receive here is top of the line.




Open daily from early morning to evening.