Luxor Las Vegas

Overview: The Luxor is most appropriate for families and those that want to milk Vegas for how different it can be from, lets say, Montana. A pyramid in the desert? Absolutely. Get a taste of Egypt like nowhere else. While those that book a room at the Luxor can enjoy their expansive pool area, those who just want to visit the Luxor for the Egyptian theme are welcome. The King Tut museum, which has recreated King Tut’s burial chamber, and In Search of the Obelisk, a motion-simulated adventure through an archaeological dig, are open to the public.

Price Range: Why not?

Shows: Hairspray, The Midnight Fantasy

Bars/Clubs: Ra, Nefereti’s Lounge




Restaurants: Sacred Sea, Luxor Steakhouse, Papyrus, Isis, Pharoah’s Pheast, Hamada, La Salsa

Known for….being a pyramid. 30-storeys of glass, with a giant Sphynx outside. Lets not forget the beam of light that shoots out the top of the pyramid and can be seen from space.

The one thing…The rooms on the Strip are accessed by “inclinators”. Sort of like an enclosed ski-lift, they rise up the side of the pyramid at a 39∞ angle. But not all rooms are located in the pyramid. The rest are in the tower just behind the pyramid, and to make you feel better for not getting the slanted rooms, the tower rooms are bigger and all come with bath tubs.

Luxor Las Vegas

3900 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas NV 89119