Las Vegas is known as an adult’s playground, but there’s no reason why kids can’t have fun too! One of the most popular attractions for families is the Adventuredome Theme Park, which is located at Circus Circus … and the good news is that this isn’t just for kids. Spread across five indoor acres, the Adventuredome is climate controlled with […]

Adventuredome at Circus Circus

Though most people are completely exhausted after even two or three days in Las Vegas, if you’ve got the better part of a week to spend in the city, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied. Of course, everyone has different ideas about what makes for the perfect Las Vegas vacation, but, in general, if you want to hit […]

How to Spend Five Days in Las Vegas

Many people take full advantage of miles upon miles of shopping opportunities available in Las Vegas, which include everything from low-priced bargains at outlet malls to one-of-a-kind high-end merchandise at exclusive boutique shops. Whatever the style, there’s a store for you. If you love the finer things in life, though, there are a few select places in Las Vegas where […]

High-End Shopping in Las Vegas

If you have the means to get off the Las Vegas Strip to explore dining opportunities elsewhere in the city, you might want to consider heading toward Chinatown. Located on Spring Mountain Road just a couple miles off of Las Vegas Boulevard, Chinatown is more of a strip of Asian restaurants and shops than it is a specific, marked off […]

Yagyu Yakiniku

Compared to the relatively barren, dry and desert environment of Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe is teeming with lush vegetation and an abundance of water-based sports and activities. Reaching this large, deep lake, which lies within both Nevada and California, is certainly not a day trip from Las Vegas though. If you’re interested in reaching Lake Tahoe from Las Vegas, give […]

Getting from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe

Travel like a big winner, a high roller, a VIP … even if it is only for one day. You can drive the Strip like a king in almost any car your heart desires. Sure, you could just rent a car in Las Vegas, but if you’re in town celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, you may want […]

Exotic Car Rentals in Las Vegas

If you’re planning on eating at the boutique hotel Rumor in Las Vegas, the only choice you really have is to dine at Addiction, a small but sleek restaurant near the lobby of the hotel. The restaurant is led by Chef Eric Koehler, who has worked with some of the finest chefs in Las Vegas. Addiction is supposedly a blend […]

Addiction at Rumor Las Vegas

For many people, dining in Las Vegas isn’t done out of necessity. Rather, eating in Sin City is experience to be sought out, appreciated and enjoyed. Just as New York City is renowned for its restaurants, Las Vegas dining is noteworthy for its own reasons. The city not only has a handful of iconic diners, but it’s also home to […]

What to Eat in Las Vegas: Famous Las Vegas Dining

Any Las Vegas entertainer who invites audience members to participate in a show takes a huge leap of faith. The best performers in Las Vegas not only take the chance by inviting this interaction but thrive when it doesn’t always work out as planned. Such is the case with The Mac King Comedy Magic Show where Mac, a magician and […]

Mac King at Harrah’s