Dining in Las Vegas

From award-winning chefs to corner bistros to greasy spoons, Las Vegas dining has something to satisfy every culinary taste.

If you have the means to get off the Las Vegas Strip to explore dining opportunities elsewhere in the city, you might want to consider heading toward Chinatown. Located on Spring Mountain Road just a couple miles off of Las Vegas Boulevard, Chinatown is more of a strip of Asian restaurants and shops than it is a specific, marked off […]

Yagyu Yakiniku

If you’re planning on eating at the boutique hotel Rumor in Las Vegas, the only choice you really have is to dine at Addiction, a small but sleek restaurant near the lobby of the hotel. The restaurant is led by Chef Eric Koehler, who has worked with some of the finest chefs in Las Vegas. Addiction is supposedly a blend […]

Addiction at Rumor Las Vegas

For many people, dining in Las Vegas isn’t done out of necessity. Rather, eating in Sin City is experience to be sought out, appreciated and enjoyed. Just as New York City is renowned for its restaurants, Las Vegas dining is noteworthy for its own reasons. The city not only has a handful of iconic diners, but it’s also home to […]

What to Eat in Las Vegas: Famous Las Vegas Dining

Las Vegas’ dining scene is packed with places to eat. This aspect of Sin City is both a blessing and a curse: A blessing because you can find anything you might want to chow down on, but a curse because when you don’t know what you want to eat, the choices can become so overwhelming that you throw up your […]

The Peppermill and Fireside Lounge

Among the steakhouses and Italian restaurants found at Monte Carlo on the Las Vegas Strip is an unassuming Chinese restaurant tucked off the casino floor. Executive chef Patrick Fong leads the way at Dragon Noodle Co. & Sushi Bar with classic Chinese cuisine and house-made dim sum and sushi. To start off your meal, order from the drink list. There […]

Dragon Noodle Co. & Sushi Bar at Monte Carlo

There’s your run-of-the-mill burger, fries and milkshake, and then there’s Holstein’s. Relatively new on the Las Vegas dining scene, Holstein’s is a high-end burgers-and-shake diner in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. This isn’t the place to go for an on-the-fly patty and drink, but it is where you should stop if you’re on the hunt for one of the highest […]

Holsteins at The Cosmopolitan

The Bellagio lays claim to many things, including its wonderfully choreographed fountains out front, the impressive glassworks in the lobby and the constantly evolving botanical gardens, but one of its true marvels is the chocolate fountain found inside at the Jean-Philippe Patisserie. Claiming to be the largest chocolate fountain in the world, it is a 27-foot-tall engineering marvel made of […]

Bellagio Chocolate Fountain

In downtown Las Vegas, there are several bail bond and pawn shops. A couple blocks beyond that are a number of law offices. These are all located within walking distance of the Las Vegas and federal courthouses. Housed among these law-related businesses is a small café on the corner of South Las Vegas Boulevard and Gass Avenue appropriately named The […]

The Verdict’s Inn Cafe

People who visit the Las Vegas Strip might wonder why they should make the trip all the way out the M Resort, which is located several miles south of Mandalay Bay. If there is one reason above all others to hightail it out to the resort, it’s the food. All of the eating establishments except for one are exclusive to […]

Dining at M Resort

Hostile Grape M Resort
Those seeking out a little something to do at M Resort once the sun sets won’t find oversized production shows or nightclubs, but there are a number of bars and lounges that feature live music during the evening hours. Hostile Grape One of the quirkiest and most memorable places at M Resort is Hostile Grape, a hidden wine cellar of […]

Nightlife at M Resort