The newest of the three actual Las Vegas hostels shares much in common with the other two in both good and bad ways. This is the largest of the three by a bit, and it’s the most recently renovated so there is a lot to like here, but the location is a bit of a problem, just as it is […]

AAE Todd’s Hostel Las Vegas

The Sin City Hostel was the first of the three actual Las Vegas hostels to convert itself from a dying motel into a full-blown place for backpackers and other budget travelers. There’s a lot to like about this place, but you don’t want to get sucked in by the advertising claims without realizing there are is a downside as well. […]

Sin City Hostel Las Vegas

The largest of Las Vegas’ actual hostels has a lot to recommend it, but just like the other hostels in Las Vegas there are some downsides you should be aware of before you book. Just like the others, this is a reformed motel (which means it used to be a cheap hotel designed so guests with cars would never be […]

USA Hostels – Las Vegas