Keno Lingo: “Catch” Terms

“Catch” – You don’t “hit” your numbers in real Keno lingo, you “catch” them. A catch is when one of the numbers you have chosen is called. Many times, you will see on the sheet listing all the possible bets something like “Catch all 10, and win “$XXXX.”

“Catch-All” – As you might imagine, a “catch all” Keno ticket is a ticket where you must catch all the numbers you have chosen to be a winner.




“Catch-Zero” – Again, from the department of redundancy, a catch zero ticket is a ticket where you MUST miss all your numbers to win the bet. This is sort of like betting the don’t pass line in craps. This type of ticket is a favorite among the unlucky crowd, who never seem to ‘catch’ anything in Las Vegas except a cold from the air conditioning.

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