Poker Lingo: Part 1

Poker is a culture all of its own. There are certain rules of etiquette, and there are particular words that people use to talk about the game. Start your poker game off right with these terms:

Flop a Set
: A set is three of a kind. You flop a set when you have a pocket pair, for example eights, and a third eight comes on the flop.

Family Pot
: A hand where all (or most) of the players at the table have called before the flop.

Rabbit Hunting
: Looking through the deck to see what the next card would have been to see what the outcome of a hand would have been.

“Must-Move” Game: In order to keep the main game filled, this is a situation where a second game is started, but the players in the second game know they must move (in a predetermined order) over to the first game as players leave.




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