Poker Room Dos and Don’ts: Part One

Being in a card room for the first time can be intimidating. Often times, the poker world does not do enough to encourage new players into their world. With that in mind, here is the first in a series of dos and don’ts for the novice poker player.

DO: When you are first seated at a table, you will be asked whether you want to post a blind and enter the game immediately. Unless it just happens to be your turn for the big blind, sit and wait for the blinds to come around to you. This will calm you down if you are nervous or excited, allow you a few hands to see how the table plays and get into the rhythm of the game.




DON’T: You don’t have to act immediately when the action is on you, but try not to hold up the game by taking more than 15-20 seconds to decide what to do. If you need a little extra time, say “time” so everyone knows you are thinking and are paying attention to what is going on. Other players can get a little feisty with people who take five minutes to decide whether or not to call a $6.00 bet.

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