Poker Room Dos and Don’ts: Part Two

Being in a card room for the first time can be intimidating. Often times, the poker world does not do enough to encourage new players into their world. With that in mind, here is the second in a series of dos and don’ts for the novice poker player.

DO: When it is your turn to play (or “act”), if you are going to bet, or call the bet of another player, place the chips far enough out in front of you so the croupier can easily reach them. In many clubs, there is an action line, and any chip that crosses that line (whether still in your hand or not) can be considered a bet.

DON’T: Throw the chips at the bowl. This is called “splashing the pot” and will not only anger the other players, but it will also identify you as the rookie. Place the bet out in front of you in a stack (or stacks).




Poker Room Dos and Don’ts: Part One

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