Poker Room Dos and Don’ts: Part Three

Being in a card room for the first time can be intimidating. Often times, the poker world does not do enough to encourage new players into their world. With that in mind, here is the third in a series of dos and don’ts for the novice poker player.

DO: Protect your hand. Place a chip, or some other (small) good luck charm on top of your cards to protect them from being accidentally grabbed by the croupier (you’d be surprised how often this happens). In addition to preventing anyone from grabbing your cards, your good luck charm might just spark up some lively conversation with your neighbors. Also, carefully cover your cards with your hands when checking them; the player next to you becomes really good when he knows what your cards are.

DON’T: Act out of turn. Acting out of turn can reveal the strength of your hand, which likely will cost you more than it will help you in the long run. When you are new to poker, look around, and take an extra beat to make sure it’s your turn to act.




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