Poker Room Dos and Don’ts: Part Four

Being in a card room for the first time can be intimidating. Often times, the poker world does not do enough to encourage new players into their world. With that in mind, here is the fourth in a series of dos and don’ts for the novice poker player.

DO: When you want to raise the bet, say the word “raise” clearly and loudly, then count out the number of chips desired or necessary. If you simply throw out a $20 chip on a $10 bet, and don’t say raise (or anything at all) your $20 will be considered a call, and the dealer will give you $10 back whether you like it or not.

DON’T: Take it out on the dealer. Please do not yell at, cuss or throw cards or any other objects at the dealers. It isn’t his or her fault if the hand doesn’t play out like you hope. Don’t say something about the dealer to the table loud enough for him or her to hear. Dealers are human beings doing noble work, so treat them like they deserve!




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