Poker Lingo: Part 2

Have you ever heard an expression at a poker game, or while watching poker on TV, and thought – What the heck is he talking about? In a never ending effort to educate the readers of VLVB, we present part two of our ‘Poker Terms’ series.

Nut Flush: Nut refers to the best possible hand, so a Nut Flush is the best five cards with of the same suit. If you have five spades in your hand including the Ace, you have the Nut Flush.

Runner Runner: Is what you might hear at the table when a player makes the turn and the river card to win the hand.




Keep Them Honest: Is when a player calls at the end of a hand to keep another player from bluffing.

Doyle Brunson: While Doyle Brunson is considered the Godfather of Texas Hold’Em, he also has a poker hand named after him. If you ever get 10-2, you might want to play it. Doyle won the world championship two years in a row with these cards.