How to Play 3 5 7 Poker

The game of 3 5 7 poker is pretty straightforward. In fact, if you are looking for a game that only requires you to place three chips in three little circles, and do nothing else for the rest of the game, then 3 5 7 poker is for you.

It is quite simple, really. You put three bets out (most minimum bets are in the $10 range, but you can find some $5 tables). Then the dealer gives you three cards. You look at your cards, but there is nothing for you to do except put them right back out on the table.

The dealer will look at your cards and pay you for your 3 cards. Then the dealer will turn over two of his own cards and check your hand. Your combined cards will be checked and you will be paid. The same procedure continues until there are “7” cards for you to make a poker hand from.




The best pay out is to get a royal flush on the five card. That pays 500 to 1. A straight flush on the “3” hand pays 40 to 1. So, if you have $10 on the table, you win $400 with that hand.

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