Sin City Rollergirls

rollergirls.jpg A new group of hardcore skating girls have been tearing it up in Las Vegas since July 2005. The team’s founders moved to Sin City from Arizona this summer and began recruiting members while scouting skate parks. The nation’s first all-girl Roller Derby convention, RollerCon, took place in Vegas this summer and the team was soon officially in action. The Sin City Rollergirls play most of their games at the Flamingo Banks city park hockey rink. Their next big face-off against another team will be on January 7, 2006 against Albuquerque’s Duke City Derby. These Sin City women mean business and will get badly bruised to prove it. If you get a chance to check out the tattooed tough ladies, you’ll be wowed by their hell on wheels attitude. Just be sure not to get in their way!