Race Book Lingo: “Pick Six”

A “Pick Six” at most tracks will start before the third race. A Pick Six is exactly as it sounds. You have to pick the six winners of the six races in question, to win the bet. Some race tracks have a consolation Pick Six, where five wins out of six races will get you a smaller prize. Pick Six prize pools get huge very quickly because if no one wins on a given day, the entire prize pool rolls into the next day. The easiest way to play a Pick Six is by filling out a Pick Six betting slipl This allows you to bubble in the horses you want on the form and makes it a lot easier on the betting clerk behind the desk.

Note: The bettors behind you will get annoyed if you go up to the desk and are flipping through pages of your racing form and rattling off horse names to the clerk. Please use the form.




The math of a Pick Six is similar to the math of a Trifecta. For each horse that you pick in a race, you create a new multiplier. You can place a $2 Pick Six, and select one horse in each race. For every additional horse you want in each race, it will cost you more money. Becareful because this gets very expensive, really quickly.