Caesers 24/7

Premiering in January of 2005 on the A&E channel, Caesars 24/7 is a reality series. The cast is the real staff of Caesers Palace in Las Vegas and the patrons are the real thing, from Omaha and Detroit and all over the globe. The show is shot through the eyes of the casino and hotel staff, from concierge to pit boss to chorus girl. 24/7 endeavors to show all facets of the day-to-day happenings in the lives of its employees, both on and off the job. Back story is provided, interviews are often woven in with casino shots, and some of the guests are downright hilarious.

Here’s hoping a second season will appear in 2006. Meanwhile, for info on this show, visit their website.




Where: A&E Channel
When: Check listings for reruns of Season #1
Why: For the sheer wackiness of the tourists, especially the whales with their unusual requests