Las Vegas

Las Vegas, now it’s third season, is host to probably the best looking cast currently on TV. Shot almost entirely in and around the grounds of the fictitious “Montecito Casino,” this show gives us a good glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of a casino: how the security works, how the restaurants and clubs are run, how the rich and famous are treated (including shots of the best suites in the house).

Storylines center on the casino goings-on, but there is always a sub-plot of intrigue, given that leads Ed DeLine (James Caan) and Danny McCoy (Josh Duhamel) used to be employed by some hush-hush secret government ops group. This season, there have been a few changes. Several of last year’s regular cast members have not been prominently shown in the early episodes, there is a completely rebuilt Montecito, and a new lead cast member has joined the group (played by Laura Flynn Boyle).




If you are a fan of Crossing Jordan, there will be, for the second time, crossover episodes airing shortly, with Jordan and Detective Woody Hoyt visiting Las Vegas to investigate a murder. Guest appearances by music and Hollywood stars are common in almost each episode, playing themselves, as headliners at the casino and gamblers at the tables.

Where: NBC
When: Mondays, 9 pm ET/PT
Why: The eye candy is worth the hour all by itself, but to get a fix of Vegas and gambling, it fills the bill.

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