Las Vegas Casino Death Watch

The Las Vegas Casino Death Watch is Nick Christenson’s webpage that tracks the hotels and casinos that are most likely to close up sooner rather than later. It focuses on the larger Strip area as well as Downtown, but avoids most of the locals’ Station casinos. They claim that this is in no way some negative dig on the ways of Old Vegas, but rather the opposite.

We think of the properties listed below much like an aging relative or sick friend. We’ll shed a tear when they’re gone, but it may be time to take a dose of reality and come to terms with the fact that these places may not be around much longer, so we should enjoy them while they’re still with us.




The Death Watch is updated several times a month, and at the beginning of this year they predicted “Castaways, Key Largo, Boardwalk, Stardust, Wild Wild West” to be next up… “Others that could go in the next few years include: New Frontier, Riviera, Tropicana.”