FAO Schwartz is Full of Surprises

I was drawn to the big Trojan horse outside the FAO Schwartz toy store because someone had told me there was a $30,000 kid’s Hummer inside. Sure enough, there was a kids-sized jeep on the third floor with a sticker price larger than a lot of sedans. But it hardly made an impact on me. Neither did the grown ups dancing away on the large carpet piano like we saw in Tom Hanks’ BIG.

What did surprise me was the antique toy museum inside the Trojan horse, the make your own doll factory, and the clerk who stood by the FAO nursery who asked me, “Would you like to hold a baby?” Maybe if I were 12, but since I’m 34 and childless, I thought it might look a tad weird. Still, the toys in FAO Schwartz beats KB Toys and Toys R Us by a mile. There are games and stuffed animals you’ve never seen anywhere else. The biggest surprise of all? I found plenty of toys under $20. Come for a gift, or to spend a few hours with your child before going to the pool.




Fao Schwartz in the Caesars Forum Shops
Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas NV 89109