Black Canyon River Adventures

Black Canyon River Adventures runs individual tours as well as group chartered tours of the Colorado River. You ride in a custom built motor-assisted raft that holds up to forty passengers. The journey begins at the base of the Hoover Dam, and ends at Arizona side of the river at Willow Beach. There is time to swim and play in the waters beneath the Hoover Dam, and nature lovers will be happy to get a chance to see the Desert Big Horn Sheep, Osprey, and Great Blue Heron that live in the canyon, so bring your camera!

Where: On the Colorado River and Willow Beach
Time: Arrive at the staging area by 9:30 a.m. You’ll be on the water for three hours, and they’ll have you back by 3:00 p.m.
Lunch: A boxed lunch consisting of a turkey sandwich, fruit, cookies, chips, and bottled water are provided.
Coupons: Look for special offers on their website or in brochures at the Nevada Welcome Center at Stateline.
Transportation: Black Canyon River Adventures can pick you up from a Las Vegas hotel, or you can meet them at the Hacienda Hotel.


Raft Trip Only:
Adult: 16 yrs and above: $72.95
Child: 15 – 13 years: $69.95
Child: 12 – 5 years: $45.00




Raft Trip & Transportation from/to Las Vegas hotel:
Adult: 16 yrs and above: $105.95
Child: 15 – 13 years: $102.95
Child: 12 – 5 years: $78.00

**Jen’s Vegas Travel Tip**

If you really like to rough it, ask them about boat rentals for overnight camping. While there is no structured camping set up, and you are allowed to camp on your own along the Willow Beach shore.

Black Canyon/Willow Beach River Adventures
Hacienda Hotel & Casino
Highway 93, Boulder City, Nevada 89005