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Going Green in Vegas

by BootsnAll on July 9, 2012

Going Green in VegasMost think of the smell of freshly minted paper – or of green money chips – when Las Vegas comes to mind. I don’t blame you for automatically reflecting on the glitzy hotels, the casino-culture and the beautiful people that frequent the famous Sincity Strip. Las Vegas has an allure to it and and who in their right mind wouldn’t be drawn to kitsch bright lights and want to relive Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On power ballad?

However Las

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Fourth of July in Las Vegas

by JoAnna on June 29, 2012

Fourth of July in Las VegasLas Vegas always loves a party, so it’s no surprise that the city capitalizes on holidays like Independence Day. In Sin City, there are really two different ways to celebrate the 4th of July: On the Strip with other tourists or off the Strip with the locals.

Regardless of how and where you toast Independence Day in Las Vegas, the most important thing to remember is this: It will be hot. Very, very hot.  Vegas in July is consistently above 100F. If you

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Dubai: Vegas of the Middle EastThe modern city state of Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates and is a truly exciting and cosmopolitan destination in the Middle East. With a blend of local culture and contemporary skyscrapers, the city is a thrilling place to visit. With luxury dining and accommodations, upscale shopping and incredible tourism attractions, Dubai is one of the top places for visitors in all of the Middle East. Here are six of the top attractions in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

As the world’s

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Why You Should Add Las Vegas to Your Round the World TripVegas is a destination that everyone should go to at least once. Of course, once you do go to Vegas, you will most likely be drawn back again at some point. It’s a fantastic destination for a myriad of reasons – bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, and concerts among them. There’s always something to do in Vegas, even if you aren’t a big gambler.

For those of you considering a trip around the world, Vegas might be a

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Getting from Fresno to Las Vegas

by JoAnna on September 30, 2011

Getting from Fresno to Las VegasFor people in Fresno looking for a long city weekend getaway, there are options beyond Los Angeles. Las Vegas, which is within driving distance, may be better reached by plane.

Fresno and Las Vegas

Driving distance between the two cities is 390 miles / 638 kilometers.


There are several nonstop flights from Fresno to Las Vegas every day. Carriers include Continental, United, US Airways, Delta and American Airlines. Flights with a single stop almost always land in Los Angeles before continuing on to

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7 Biggest Hotels in Las Vegas

by JoAnna on September 30, 2011

7 Biggest Hotels in Las VegasWhen it comes to hotel rooms, there is no shortage in Las Vegas. In fact, it is often the resorts themselves that are the attractions … and for good reason. These aren’t your average hotels. They have wild themes (think Luxor and Paris), huge casino floors, dozens of restaurants and attractions to keep visitors busy for days on end.

Considering the fact that the hotels draw travelers to Las Vegas, it’s probably no surprise that the city also has some of

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