New TV Series Showcases Rehab Pool Party

truTVSummer in Vegas has always been hot, but it got even hotter several years ago when the Hard Rock Hotel first introduced a weekly Sunday pool party that they called Rehab.

Years later, despite strong competition from other Vegas resorts, Rehab still remains one of the best reasons to be in the desert during the summer months.

Even though the summer pool parties are over, you can relive the wild 2008 season of Rehab starting this week on the truTV network when it begins airing the all-new reality series, Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel.

The show follows several of the Rehab staff, including general manager Justin, bartenders Chantell and Christina, cocktail waitresses Kelly and Julia and security staffers including Deebo and the kickass head of security Sharon, as they navigate the wild weekly party and try to keep things running smooth.

Of course, this is Vegas, so anything goes, and when it does (which is often at Rehab), that makes it a perfect match for reality TV.




“Rehab is the equivalent to Babylon,” explains Julia. “It’s pretty much really crazy. People are just having the best time ever here.”

Adds Phil, VP of marketing for the Hard Rock, “We embrace a lifestyle of having fun, letting loose, going crazy, having a good time, spending a bunch of money, and impressing your friends. You’re guaranteed to experience something at Rehab that you have never experienced before in your life. Whether it’s hooking up with a couple of girls, whether it’s bringing your wife here and having a great time that you wouldn’t have at home, whether it’s partying with a celebrity, whatever it is, it’s pretty much guaranteed to happen at Rehab.”

Episode one, which debuts tomorrow (Tuesday, November 11), kicks off with the biggest crowd Rehab has ever drawn, and some pretty big headaches to go with it. Among the issues the staff has to deal with is a girl who wears out her welcome at one of the cabanas, leading to a confrontation with security, and a high roller who skips out on a huge drink tab.



Plenty of hot bodies in swimsuits, high rollers throwing around gobs of cash, wild celebrities, unlimited amounts of alcohol, and the beautiful Hard Rock pool…as the weather turns colder in many parts of the country, this sounds like the perfect show to keep Vegas on the minds of those who watch.

truTV will air Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel Tuesday nights at 10pm. For more on the show, visit the truTV website, which has been kind enough to lend us the following video clip from episode one to share with you.

8 thoughts on “New TV Series Showcases Rehab Pool Party

  • Chili

    Good P.R. and publicity for the Hard Rock but I will be surprised if it’s a good show…we’ll see


  • Angelique Alvarez

    First and for most, I’d like to say…yeah, I’ve watched the show and it seems really cool. Although, I and alot of others that watch it with me disagree on how you treat some of your employees. Honestly, birthday girl, Julia, should’ve been fired for not finding out the truth about Danielle trying to give her the tip that was rightfully hers, maybe if she would’ve been anywhere to be found and was on top of her game..she wouldn’t have looked like such an ass on candid camera!! We so love you Danielle…don’t let people like her or Matt discourage you. Matt was just plain old un-professional dealing with that situation, that was so harsh and un-called for, who knows maybe he really does have sex with all them girls by the pool atleast when you act like he did, thats what people like me tend to think. It’s really sad Matt because you look like you’re really a great guy but you need to go back to school for more managing skills and you seriously need to re-evaluate some of these girls that are so damn FAKE!! Although rookie girl Danielle was looking for Julia to give her the money, you never even bothered to hear her side…truly upsetting managing SKILLS!! I’m glad she chose not to work with the FAKE…good for her. Rehab seriously needs to re-evaluate their STAFF!! Last but atleast…Julia your FECES stinks just like everyone else, you are NOTHING special remember that! Really do hope you get FIRED Julia!!!

  • Aydz

    I just want to say, I will not watch rehab unless Matt is fired. I wish to see him digging in the ditch, power hungry jerk!!

  • Racheal

    I will never return to the Hard Rock unless Matt is fired. What kind of jerks are running that game? Sharon has loyalty and Chief is top notch. Matt should have had his a** canned for lying- we all saw it! When he said the security officer asked him “who are you” that wasn’t the case at all. He said “is there a problem” and Matt got all napoleon on his a**. Also, Sharon didn’t get loud until Matt started slamming her. Low life. That’s all Matt is- a pug trying to be a pit.

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