Las Vegas Travel News 09/17/2010

3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Travel News 09/17/2010

  • Gray

    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your Vegas news roundups? I try to keep on top of all the Vegas news and articles coming out, but there’s only so much time. I know if I missed something, I’ll see it here. Thanks for including my piece on Vegas discounts. I’m really surprised Vegas cab drivers were included at all in that article, since you can’t technically “hail” them to begin with. But other than being longhauled in from the airport, I’ve had fairly good experiences with them in Vegas; they’re usually pretty friendly. Good piece on the Neon Boneyard. So is there any scuttlebutt in Vegas about Lance Burton’s next project? I was sorry to see him disappear from the show scene in Vegas. I hope he’s moving on to bigger and better things.

  • JoAnna Post author

    I’m glad you like the news updates. It’s always a trip to dig through the wild and crazy Las Vegas-only tidbits and then those things that seem to happen in any community.

    There’s no word yet on Lance Burton. What is really stirring people up is the closure of the Liberace Museum. There have even been protests from supporters of the museum.

  • Gray

    Yeah, I heard that about the protests about the Liberace closing. I’m kind of surprised about that. It’s not like it got a lot of attention while it was open, it’s not until it’s threatened with closure that suddenly people care?

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