Destinations: Las Vegas & Beyond

When people think about Las Vegas (especially first-time visitors), the wild image of casinos and nightclubs is usually the first to come to mind, but there are actually many more aspects to the city and the surrounding area that are worth noting. As you begin planning your Las Vegas vacation, here are attractions in Sin City and beyond to add to your travel itinerary.

Las Vegas Casinos – Though only about 15% of visitors to Las Vegas specifically travel to the city for the casinos, most people will eventually drop a few bucks on the casino floor. Even if you aren’t into gambling, there are still several noteworthy casinos in Las Vegas worth visiting.

Downtown Las Vegas – Once the heart of the Las Vegas gambling scene, the downtown area was neglected for a decade or two, but now it’s making a comeback with a huge light show, affordable hotels and trendy nightclubs. If you’re into the history of Las Vegas, make a detour trip to the Neon Museum Boneyard.




Las Vegas Strip – Even those not interested in gambling are usually impressed by the oversized resorts and overabundance of attractions lining the four-mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard known as the Strip.

Grand Canyon – The Grand Canyon is actually much further away from Las Vegas than people realize, but many people still try to squeeze in a trip to this iconic national park. A day trip to the Grand Canyon makes for a long day and an overnight stay is a better option, but both are possible. Transportation options from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon include driving or taking an air or car tour. If you enjoy the great outdoors, check out these other national parks near Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam – This amazing engineering feat is a short car ride away from Las Vegas and is definitely worth a trip if you are looking for something a bit more beyond shows and nightclubs.

Red Rock Canyon – This nearby natural area has become increasingly popular in recent years. It may be hard to believe that such a stunning landscape lies so closely to the man-made Strip, but Red Rock Canyon has long drawn rock climbing enthusiasts from around the world. A scenic drive and bountiful hiking trails make this a popular diversion for those hoping to escape the glitz and glam.

Primm Valley – Those driving to Las Vegas from California may want to take the time to stop at Primm Valley, a small resort town right inside the Nevada border. This is the first place people can stop to gamble, but lodging, dining and other attractions are also available.

Photo credit: B Rosen

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