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Easter in Las Vegas

Generally considered a sacred day of sorts, Easter probably isn’t what many people consider to be a Las Vegas-friendly holiday. In some cities, communities practically close down when people spend the day at church and with their families. As is expected, Las Vegas most certainly does not slow down in order to celebrate a holiday, though the city also doesn’t harness the vibe like it does for Memorial Day, Halloween or New Year’s Eve.

On the Las Vegas Strip, you may find that some of the hotels have dressed up for the spring season with fresh flowers and pastel decorations (the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are always decked out for the season). The most significant Easter event you’ll find, though, is that many of the restaurants offer a special Sunday brunch or Easter dinner menu. If there is a specific place you’d like to eat over the holiday, make sure you have reservations in advance.

Beyond the Strip, you’ll find that the Las Vegas community does, in fact, celebrate Easter like people everywhere else. There are plenty of local churches that welcome visitors on Easter. You’ll find dozens of denominations in the city, so just look up your preferred space for worship and chances are you’ll find a church that meets your needs. You may need a rental car to reach it however.

Throughout Las Vegas there are also a variety of community gatherings in the days leading up to and on Easter Sunday. These include activities such as Easter egg hunts in the local parks, egg decorating workshops, Easter and Spring festivals and visits from the Easter bunny. Check local newspaper listings and the City of Las Vegas website for details on what is going on when in Las Vegas.

If you are in town with the kids on Easter, keep in mind that the city is a family friendly one. Perhaps you’d like to spend the morning at church, but if you’ve got spare time in the afternoon, there are plenty of things to do with kids and teenagers in the afternoon.

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