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St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas

St. Patrick’s Day is the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, but this holiday (originally a religious one) has taken on a whole new meaning stateside. If you’re in Las Vegas in the middle of March, make plans to stick around for St. Patrick’s Day. Sin City loves having a good reason to drink and dance, and this holiday is no exception. Grab your green gear and deck yourself in shamrocks … it’s time to party Las Vegas-style this St. Patrick’s Day.

Just like any holiday, prices at hotels may be slightly elevated over the holiday, especially if it falls on a weekend. Make plans in advance if you know specifically where you want to stay. And, as always, an early search on airfare may make it easier to find cheap flights to Las Vegas.

Once you’re in the city, the options for entertainment are virtually endless. Depending on the day of the week that St. Patrick’s Day falls on, celebrations may span several days, just so festivities can reach far into the weekend. If you miss March 17, chances are you haven’t missed out on St. Patty’s Day for good. Just check out your options for the few days following the holiday.

There are a number of Irish pubs in Las Vegas, and they all host parties for St. Patrick’s Day, which include copious amounts of green beer and traditional food (including corned beef, cabbage, lamb stew and Guinness shrimp). Irish bands and dancers keep the music and action going until the wee hours of the morning. And, going beyond the standard St. Patty’s fare, many offer additional events, such as green bikini contests. Nightclubs might also join in on the fun, promoting their own events in conjunction with the holiday.

You can also turn St. Patrick’s Day into a family affair. Head down to Henderson for the annual Southern Nevada Sons of Erin St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival. A community tradition that’s been taking place for several decades, this multi-day event includes live entertainment, food, carnival rides and games. The parade, which usually takes place on the Saturday closest to St. Patrick’s Day, often includes several floats, Celtic dancers, bagpipers and marching bands.

Throughout town there are usually several other community events for St. Patrick’s Day. Check local listings for performances of local dance troupes and Irish-themed bands.

As with any drink-heavy holiday, it’s important to keep a few basic safety tips in mind: Know your limits when it comes to alcohol, and catch a cab instead of getting behind the wheel. If you’re with friends, agree to keep an eye on each other, and tell someone where you’re going if you leave the party early. Most importantly, have fun. Like most things in Sin City, St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas is sure to make for a memorable holiday getaway.

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