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Today Show To Visit Vegas For Wedding Casting Call

Today Show To Visit Vegas For Wedding Casting CallEvery year, NBC’s “The Today Show” runs a contest to find a couple who are willing to get married on television. This year, they’re adding a bit of a twist. Instead of having the applicants send in videos, they’re also leaving the studio and taking the casting call on the road. From the pool of contestants they get on the road and via mail, they will pick four couples and those four will be narrowed down to one by viewer votes on “The Today Show”.

The first stop for this year’s casting roadshow is going to be Vegas at The Venetian on Tuesday, July 24th. Those who want a shot at being on TV will have to get up extra early though, because with the three hour time difference between Vegas and the New York studios for the show, filming starts bright and early at 4am.

Those wanting to be contestants need to download the application form, fill it out and bring it to the taping. But if you want to try out for one of the wedding spots, beware there are a lot of rules and regulations, including agreeing to a complete background check and agreeing to be available on any days the show needs to tape a segment on the wedding preparations. But hey, you still get bragging rights that Martha Stewart planned your wedding, and you get to have the network foot the bill for your nuptials.

Even if you don’t make the cut in Vegas, the show is giving away 50 free wedding gowns from Filene’s Basement in a “Running of the Brides” where they’ll let a group of brides run to the racks and first come, first serve on who gets a dress. And yes, they even have a long list of rules for the dress grab. My favorite is: “You must behave at all times in an appropriate manner, which includes not acting or behaving in any manner that does or could possibly injure any other participant.”

What exactly is “an appropriate manner” to run like a crazy madwoman for a free wedding dress on TV?

At any rate, even if you just want to show up and see Al Roker filming his segments, I suggest you get there early as this event is sure to draw a huge crowd.