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Things to do at Riviera Hotel & Casino

arcadeCompared to other large resorts on the Strip, Riviera doesn’t have that many places to spend your time but that doesn’t mean you’ll get bored. There are some shops to check out and you can kill some time at the Arcade, playing games. Plus there’s a Spa if you want to relax.


Riviera Arcade is located on the main floor of the Mardi Gras Entertainment Complex and offers a variety of games to test your skills. It’s an excellent choice to keep the kids occupied as well.


It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is located on the 12 Floor of the South Tower. Massages start at $70 (40 minutes). Spa Packages are available and start at $115 (30 minutes). There’s an exercise room within the Spa and the entrance fee is $10.

Shops and Services

Here is a round up of some of the shops and services available at Riviera.

Riviera is home to one of the tattoo studios on the Strip: 3 Lions Tattoo Studio. It is located near Kristofer’s Restaurant and their artists offer excellent custom work (design and application).

The ABC Gift Stores is located across from the Front Desk with a second store near the World’s Fare Buffet. It offers souvenirs, snacks, tobacco products as well as newspapers and magazines.

Within the Mardi Gras Food Court you’ll find Big Burger, a place where you can refuel while spending the day within the resort, checking out the stores. While at Cheesesteaks you can eat cheese steak sandwiches and other interesting dishes. At Indian Masala you can enjoy fantastic Indian cuisine. La Salsa features excellent Mexican fare and margaritas.

If you have a sweet tooth you should check out Chocolate Heaven, located near the Monte Carlo Tower Lobby. It offers chocolates, sugar-free sweets and other confectionary delights.

Frank’s Coin Shop is located Kady’s Coffee Shop and offers interesting coins and numismatic gifts.

If you want to buy jewelry and accessories, visit Hollywood Gems. While at Islands & Beyond you can find fashion apparel for men and women. The latter is located between Kristofer’s Steak House and the World’s Fare Buffet.

Near the Front Desk you’ll find Jitters Coffee which offers gourmet coffee, pastries and sandwiches.

Zeba’s Beauty Salon is specialized in bridal updo hairstyles and makeovers. It offers spa treatments, repairs, make up and hair services. Hair and make up for the special day starts at $140. The guys can choose the Barber Shop when they need a special and new look.