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Lindsay Lohan Vegas Birthday Celebration Plans in Jeopardy

For the past few weeks, Pure nightclub has been slyly advertising the fact that they had nabbed the rights to actress Lindsay Lohan’s multi-million dollar 21st birthday celebration in Vegas. Now all of those plans are in imminent danger of cancellation.

With Lohan’s recent legal problems, stemming from last week’s car crash where Lohan was not only found to be driving under the influence, but a “useable” amount of cocaine was found by the police upon searching her Mercedes, rumors are that many of the party’s sponsors are pulling out.

These companies are afraid of being linked to the illegal behavior of Ms. Lohan and without their sponsorship, Pure is unwilling to foot the bill for the party, which was to be spread out over three days. The event was also to include several of Pure’s sister venues, including Social House at TI for dinner and a poolside party at the Venus topless pool at Caesars Palace.

If the party is cancelled, Lohan will then have to pay back the deposit that Pure has already paid her to secure the exclusive rights to her weekend party.

Lohan’s rep, however, is insisting the party is still on and that the companies that have pulled out were never authorized sponsors in the first place. Talk about a “he said, she said” situation.

But if the rumors are true, I don’t blame anybody for pulling out. To be associated with an underage drinker and possible drug abuser is something that could seriously cost these companies not just in money, but in reputation.

I’ve never understood how Lohan could get into the Vegas and LA clubs in the first place. I know it’s a big money draw to have popular celebrities party at a venue, but if it’s illegal for them to drink, they shouldn’t be allowed to be in the building at all.

What do you think? Do you think the nightclubs are just as much to blame for the current situation at Lohan? Let me know in the comments.