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Britney Spears Doesn’t Stay Onstage Long in Vegas

Britney Spears Doesn't Stay Onstage Long in VegasPop singer Britney Spears’ mystery “comeback” tour came to a close over the weekend at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay.

The good news: She did show (other stops on her tour had been cancelled last minute) and she did put on an energetic, albeit lip-synched, performance that was one of the longest of this tour.

The bad news: It only lasted about 14 minutes, which consisted of “Hit Me Baby,” “I’m A Slave,” “Breathe on Me,” “Do Something” and “Toxic”…oh, and did I mention it was lip-synched?

What? You weren’t one of the 1500 or so in attendance? Not to worry. Syndicated entertainment show Access Hollywood obtained a cell phone video recording from the show that will give you an idea of what Spears’ show was like.

In the video, she is the brunette in pink and white, and to me, it looks more like a Pussycat Dolls show than a big-production concert. But, she has been off tour for so long, that I suppose this is at least a baby step in the right direction.

It’s certainly better than her going on another party binge for the papparazzi.

Did you attend? If so, what did you think?