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Red Rock Canyon

Beauty is not just in the eye of a cocktail waitress. Whether you’ve lost all your money and your plane doesn’t leave for two more days, or you’ve never been interested in Vegas but got roped into a trip to please the family, don’t worry … there is more to Vegas than gambling and all-you-can-eat buffets. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip. It contains several hikes and picturesque vistas.

You can enjoy the sights of Red Rock Canyon from your car on a 13-mile scenic drive, take a short hike on a trail decorated with petroglyphs or go rock climbing. A visit to Red Rock is a must for Vegas visitors of all athletic conditions. Check for information regarding organized hikes and nature programs.

Directions: Take Charleston Boulevard west. It will turn into 159, which you take all the way until you get to the entrance. It is 17 miles from the Strip.

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