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Bellagio Chocolate Fountain

The Bellagio lays claim to many things, including its wonderfully choreographed fountains out front, the impressive glassworks in the lobby and the constantly evolving botanical gardens, but one of its true marvels is the chocolate fountain found inside at the Jean-Philippe Patisserie.

Claiming to be the largest chocolate fountain in the world, it is a 27-foot-tall engineering marvel made of more than 2,000 pounds of real chocolate. Six rivers falling from the ceiling feed dark, milk, and white chocolate down a series of suspended hand-crafted glass vessels and into the floor, where heated pumps recirculate the chocolate back to the top. Completely enclosed in glass, it runs 24 hours a day for your viewing and drooling pleasure.

If the chocolate fountain makes you hungry, you only have to walk three steps into the patisserie, where they make fresh crepes, serve exquisite French pastries or box up sinfully beautiful handmade chocolates.