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Dinner In The Sky Debuts New Year’s Eve

Many tables in Las Vegas restaurants offer great views. Some are of the Bellagio fountains, others are of the Strip itself. But this New Year’s Eve, a new dining concept opens up that will take “table with a view” to whole new heights.

[photo - dinner in the sky]Already a hit in other cities, Dinner In the Sky melds outdoor dining with the best view in the house to create an unusual dining concept.

Diners with vertigo will want to skip this one.

Basically there is only one table, which is housed on a Sky Box attached to a crane.  The table and its attached leather seats can hold up to 22 guests, and the table itself is attached permanently to a floor the size of the table area. The center of the dining table has a walking platform that can accommodate up to 5 servers/chefs to produce and serve the meal.

The entire dining party is seated and then strapped into their chairs securely, similar to riding a coaster or other thrill ride. This is because the table itself has no walls. Once everyone is securely in place, the crane lifts the table to a viewing height of up to 180 feet off the ground.

That’s right, you are hanging in the air for your entire meal. It’s like the Insanity ride at the Stratosphere, only with food and (hopefully) far less spinning.

Naturally, a set-up like this has pros and cons not normally associated with normal restaurant dining.

On the plus side, this will be an experience to talk about. You will also probably have a magnificent view of the Strip, so a reservation for eating around sunset would probably be ideal.

On the possible negative side, you’ll have to hope the weather cooperates as I can’t imagine they would lift off the ground if it’s raining or windy. Guests with a fear of heights or even motion sickness (as there’s bound to be some swaying) won’t enjoy this, nor will those with weak bladders, as the only way to get to the bathroom once the meal starts is to have the entire table lowered so one can use the nearby portable bathroom. And you definitely don’t want to wear slip on shoes or anything else that could fall off your person while dining up so high.

The cost of this unusual dining experience is based upon the menu chosen and the number of guests in the party, but expect it to cost more than the average traditional sit-down fine dining restaurant. Ideally, I would think this type of experience is better suited to larger parties and corporate events.

Dinner in the Sky is located at the intersection of Polaris Ave and Cavaretta Ct., just west of the Strip near the Palms and the Rio resorts. To book a dining experience or for more information, call Las Vegas Event Planner at 702.257.7303 or visit