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Hash House A Go Go

hash-houseIt seems like everything in Las Vegas is slightly quirky, and Hash House A Go Go is no exception. The restaurant is known for its breakfast dishes, and locals as well as visitors flock to it for its unique menu items and filling portions.

Hash House A Go Go serves up what it called “twisted farm food.” That is, you can expect to find classic, down-home farm dishes with a fun flair. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and post-nightclub munchies, and the menu is well suited for any time of day.

If you go for breakfast, take just a minute to breathe in the warm, breakfast smell that hangs in the air. Like a farm kitchen on a Sunday morning, the aroma teases long before you actually get your food. Once you’re thoroughly hungry, dig into the menu, which consists of egg scrambles, crispy potatoes, hashes and even fried chicken and waffles. The flapjacks are bigger than dinner plates and come in a variety of flavors including blueberry pecan, brown sugar banana, blackberry granola, Snickers, butterscotch almond, apple cinnamon, mango coconut, strawberry frosted flake and, of course, traditional. Top your breakfast off with a fancy mimosa, mint latte or traditional hot chocolate.

The lunch menu has a lengthy list of salads. There are also hefty two-patty burgers and several sandwiches to choose from including the BBBLT. There’s no shortage of meat when it comes to eating farm-fresh cooking! And speaking of meat, Hash House A Go Go serves a pork tenderloin sandwich that has won awards.

In addition to stuffed burgers, dinner selections include meatloaf and pot pie. Main dishes aren’t your run-of-the-mill chicken fried steak. Instead, classic favorites have been tweaked for a “twisted” dining experience. The cedar-planked bourbon ribeye, for example, is served with goat cheese and venison sausage mashed potatoes, the mac and cheese is served with a duck skewer and the linguine is topped with sage-fried chicken.

There are three Hash House A Go Go locations in Las Vegas. The one in Imperial Palace is located one floor up from the casino, on is located at 6800 West Sahara and the third is in the M Resort. The one at Imperial Palace (which is what this review was written from) has a spacious dining room with stainless steel tabletops decorated with wheat fronds and jars of homemade jam. The waiting area is large but there are no benches or chairs to sit on while you wait.

Once you’re seated, however, you’ll likely have no problems with the service. Dressed in Dickies and (possibly) outfitted with braided pigtails, the wait staff is prompt, polite and friendly. Any problems with your food are quickly resolved.

Breakfast and lunch dishes generally run $10.00 to $15.00. Dinner selections are $15.00 to $30.00.

Photo credit: Cory Haugen (may not be used without permission)