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In-N-Out Burger

Despite all of the world-class dining options in Las Vegas, an impressive number of people are still interested in eating one particular thing when they arrive in the city: The famous In-N-Out hamburger.

In-N-Out Burger fans will love the Vegas version of this fast food specialty, found almost exclusively on the west coast. Like everything Las Vegas, the signs for the restaurant are nearly as big as the building, and the food’s popularity never goes out of style. One of the things people like most about In-N-Out Burger is that the menu is relatively limited, and there’s no need to sort through dozens of food options. That said, an assortment of off-the-menu options are available, including the popular burger served animal style.

Just like Las Vegas itself, In-N-Out Burger stays up late. Look for the doors to remain open long after midnight on the weekends in several locations throughout the Las Vegas valley.