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Metro Pizza

When most people are heading out to grab a pizza, they mention that they’re simply going out for pizza. In Las Vegas, if you’re planning on going out for pizza, you make special mention if you’re going to Metro Pizza.

Locally owned and operated, Metro Pizza is a Las Vegas Valley favorite. It is frequently voted as the best pizza joint in town by locals. This is no make-and-bake type of place. There’s no rush to get out the door so that more people can fill the seats. Metro Pizza isn’t a place you stop by on your way home to grab a pizza; it’s a destination.

Unlike many pizza parlors that have fairly standard offerings of a dozen or so pies, Metro Pizza has an extensive menu, starting with a number of appetizers. For some strange reason, the nuclear fries (hot and spicy) are a particular favorite to start off a meal. For those who prefer to keep the calories in check, a number of salads are on offer.

Guests can certainly order a standard pizza, but it’s the specialty pizzas that draw crowds. The Flying Piggle has BBQ pork, butter pickles and crispy onion strings; the New Haven is topped with chopped clams and garlic. For the authentic New York pizza experience, order an East Side pie. The Mulberry Street comes with breaded eggplant and ricotta cheese. Sausage, peppers and onions top the Mott Street. Dough is made fresh daily, vegetables are of the highest quality and only select cheese and choice meats make it atop these pizzas.

There is also a healthy selection of calzones, subs, dinner plates and Italian-American favorites (i.e. chicken fingers and cheeseburgers).

Metro Pizza’s atmosphere is open and inviting. Wait staff are kind and service is efficient.

There are five Metro Pizza locations in Las Vegas, with a sixth in the works. Current locations are:

  • 1395 East Tropicana Avenue
  • 4001 South Decatur Boulevard
  • 4178 Koval Lane
  • 4111 Boulder Highway (inside Boulder Station)
  • 1420 West Horizon Ridge Parkway (Henderson)

Photo credit: Cory Haugen (may not be used without permission)