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Mr. Eatz

Mr. Eatz is an unsuspecting little place, squeezed into a small strip mall on West Lake Mead Boulevard, and we drove past it a couple times before finding it. Inside this little take-out joint, there’s a lot going on in a small amount of space. Staff numbers are small, and the guys working in the kitchen have their job cut out for them with the impressive volume of calls coming in with take-out orders.

The menu at Mr. Eatz is diverse and offers a wide array of finger foods, sub sandwiches, burgers, seafood, ribs, pastas and pizza. I asked about nutritional information (they didn’t have any), we placed our order of a meatball sub and fish and chips at the counter and took a seat to wait. This isn’t a dine-in facility, and it really does make sense to ring in what you want before you arrive. In the time we waited (only about ten minutes), several people popped in to pick up orders. The woman working at the register was on the super duty of boxing and bagging the orders, taking orders over the phone, confirming with customers that their orders were correct and handling money.

Meanwhile, I browsed the menu and found myself impressed with the variety and prices. The most elaborate and expensive burger is half a pound and is piled high with extras for less than $8.00. No pizza is more than $20.00 (and the second pizza is always half off). The finger foods—around 20 options ranging from fried mushrooms and quesadillas to garlic knots and chicken wings—come in a variety of size options and are also very reasonably priced. At lunchtime (10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.), the restaurant offers even more options with nearly 30 specials, all of which come with a free soda.

In addition to these decent prices, Mr. Eatz also offers several coupons both on the take-out menu and online, and, of course, the restaurant delivers within a limited geographical area. I can definitely appreciate why this has become a favorite take-out joint in the neighborhood.

We’re big fans of local businesses at WhyGo Las Vegas, but, unfortunately, sometimes things just aren’t as great as we might hope. And so is the case with Mr. Eatz. Our food was made promptly but we weren’t shown the contents before we paid, which we didn’t even think to ask about. Once we got home, we discovered that the order was incorrect. The fish and chips was actually fish and coleslaw, and the fish was overly breaded and not all that great anyway. The coleslaw was runny and flavorless. The meatball sandwich was hot and tasty, but the disappointment of our fish and chips order left us with an unpleasant impression and, given how far we had to drive to give Mr. Eatz a go, I’m not sure we’ll go back.

That said, I recommend you give Mr. Eatz a try. Many people thoroughly enjoy it and rely on it as a go-to place for a quick meal. Perhaps you’ll be the next convert.

Located at 6386 West Lake Mead Boulevard. Open Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Photo credit: riekhavoc