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Sambalatte Torrefazione Las Vegas

Just like any city you might encounter, Las Vegas has its fair share of coffee shops. You know, those places where you walk in, order a cup of Joe and wander out, enjoying your coffee but probably not remembering much about the experience?

One of the Las Vegas’ newest coffeehouses, Sambalatte Torrefazione, is rewriting the way coffee is served, experienced and remembered. Owned by Luiz Claudio Oliveira, this Summerlin-based cafe was inspired by years of world travel and education on coffee farms and at coffee conventions. Only then did Luiz open Sambalatte, a welcoming coffee shop that greets visitors with several umbrella-covered tables and large glass windows, which offer plenty of sunlight throughout the shop.

Sambalatte is washed in rich earthy hues and has several comfortable seating areas, including tables, chairs and lounge couches both downstairs and in an upstairs loft area. Several bookshelves throughout Sambalatte are packed with books, magazines and newspapers. If you start a book while you’re there, ask for a bookmark to keep your place so that you can pick up where you left off when you go back again.

Free wifi is available at the coffee shop, and there are several outlets to keep your gadgets fully charged during your stay. In fact, unlike other coffeehouses where spaces feel cramped and seating is at a premium, Sambalatte provides plenty of space for people to spread out, plug in and work for hours at a time on whatever pressing project requires concentration … and a little caffeine.

Which, of course, is what draws people to this coffee shop in the first place. Sambalatte’s menu not only features common coffee drinks, but the beans served at the shop are culled from all corners of the earth, and the drink selection is unlike those found other places. In addition to regular brews, mocha, lattes and cappuccinos, Sambalatte’s menu also offers drinks such as afogato, a coffee beverage mixed with a scoop of gelato, and granita, an Italian-style iced coffee drink.

In addition to coffee, Sambalatte offers an extensive selection of fresh pastries, tarts and cakes, sandwiches, smoothies and specialty frozen drinks.

Of particular note is how affordable the selections are. In addition, all are created behind an exhibition barista area, so you can can see how your drinks and food are handled. Drinks are delivered with coffee art on top. If the time to create a leaf or heart doesn’t say that care has been put into the process, I don’t know what does.

Located at 750 South Rampart Boulevard, Suite 9, in the Boca Park complex in Summerlin, Las Vegas. Hours of operation are Sunday 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m., Monday and Tuesday 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. and Wednesday through Saturday 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.

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