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Sushi Bar at Nobu

Word on the street is that Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel is the best sushi in town. I was dying to try this upscale modern Japanese celeb hang out, but had also been warned that you couldn’t get out of there for less than $200 per person. When a sushi-loving friend came to town, I looked into the realities of experiencing Nobu for considerably less. First of all, it is completely possible to have a fantastic meal at Nobu for under $100 per person, and we did it for $50 each including drinks and tip.

We ate at the sushi bar upon walking in without reservation. That is not common, and reservations are recommended. The worst part of the dinner was choosing what we wanted to order off the extensive creative collection of Chef Nobu Matshisha and his pupil Iron Chef Morimoto … we wanted it all! The sushi is flown in from the Tokyo fish market, and everything was outstanding. I had the unagi off the menu, shrimp tempura cut roll ($9), mixed tempura ($2 each), rock shrimp tempura w/creamy spicy sauce ($17) and a few other rolls and pieces of sushi. What I liked about sitting at the bar was that we could see them preparing the dishes and could ask for what we liked that was going out to other tables. The cod is one of their specialties, and since my visit I’ve heard how great their black cod in lettuce cups is … next time!

**Travel Tip**
To save money, avoid the kobe and drink beer instead of wine.

Caveat: The restaurant was loud and the service was either over attentive or interested in higher turnover.

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