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The Peppermill and Fireside Lounge

Las Vegas’ dining scene is packed with places to eat. This aspect of Sin City is both a blessing and a curse: A blessing because you can find anything you might want to chow down on, but a curse because when you don’t know what you want to eat, the choices can become so overwhelming that you throw up your hands and decide not to eat at all.

This is where The Peppermill comes into play. If you’re looking for classic Vegas served up in the form of a milkshake and burger (or even a classy cocktail and appetizer), look no further than The Peppermill, one of the last single-standing buildings left on the Las Vegas Strip. Open since 1972, The Peppermill continues to feed that late-night crave with 24/7 service.

Even though the food at The Peppermill is nosh-worthy, the ambiance is an added bonus. The eclectic interior of the restaurant is decked out in neon lights, as though it’s ready to take off into space. Booths are deep and rounded; wait staff is dressed in classic diner ware. The menu offers a wide variety of options from salads and sandwiches to hamburgers and full-fledged entrees. Breakfast is served all the time, and portion sizes on all plates are heaping. Sharing a dish with a friend is definitely an option. Round off the meal with a huge cup of coffee.

On the other side of the restaurant is the Fireside Lounge, which is also decked out with an other-world ambiance. The booths are intimate and cozy and wrapped around fireplaces. Waitresses wear long black dresses and are among the most patient in the city. They’ll happily sit on a stool near your booth, chatting and offering up suggestions on drinks if you ask. The Fireside Lounge offers a range of specialty cocktails worth noting including the Blue Hawaiian and the Scorpion, which is served in a glass so big it’s practically a fishbowl.

While the classic diner food and specialty drinks are certainly noteworthy when it comes to The Peppermill and Fireside Lounge, don’t expect to find the best chow on the Strip. You should visit this iconic Las Vegas restaurant for its history, wait staff and fun atmosphere. It’s one of those places that many people hear about but few people ever make an effort to stop. Once they do, however, the intrigue is instantly explained, and many people make it a point to return again and again.

Photo credit: the queen of subtle