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Light at the Bellagio to Close Its Doors

Light at the Bellagio LasVegas to Close Its DoorsIt was only 2 weeks ago that I reported that Tangerine at TI would be closing. Now comes word that the Light Group will also be closing their flagship club, Light at the Bellagio.

It’s been rumored for months, but not confirmed until this week when they listed the “Lights Out” party tonight on their schedule. The club will remain open through this Sunday’s regular industry party, but close on September 3.

Light Group sources say the club is only being renovated, but I’ve also heard rumors among the nightlife regulars that it may actually be more than that. Beyond those minor details, LG is remaining tight-lipped as to what the actual scope of the changes will be.

I have also heard they plan to have a grand re-opening party for the club on New Year’s Eve of this year, with a soft opening sometime in mid-December.

But if you love Light as it is, you only have five more days before it’s gone. Just like the Vegas city skyline, the club scene is forever changing in this town.