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Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding

Las Vegas is synonymous for gambling, dining, and, for many people, getting married. Sin City’s countless wedding chapels lure sweethearts the world over, and what’s not to love about a wedding?

For many people, though, the awkward but hilarious camaraderie frequently found at weddings and receptions isn’t part of their vacation plan. Las Vegas has a solution for everything, though, and if you’re looking for an atmosphere in which estranged drunk lovers return for revenge, pregnant bridesmaids make an appearance, scantily clad family members steal the show and relationships unravel at the seams, then look no further than Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.

Tony and Tina, two stereotypical Italians, have been entertaining audiences in Las Vegas and beyond for many years with their comedic show that not only entertains audiences but also includes them in the action. In addition to watching the wedding take place, audience members are invited to be a part of the show by interacting with the characters, dancing at the reception (“YMCA,” anyone?), snapping photos with strangers and participating in the bouquet toss.

There is natural comedy embedded in holy matrimony, and Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding serves it up in the form of floozy family members, a drunk priest, a stereotypically gay brother, tongue-and-cheek jokes, a funky lounge singer and slapstick jokes. In addition to watching the wedding, the audience (aka the wedding guests) are served a full course Italian meal (decent and filling) in addition to wedding cake, though drinks cost extra.

The wedding and reception are right on track with any wedding and reception guests may have attended in the past, and that’s where those who enjoy the show will differ with those who don’t. Like any real wedding, it’s up to audience members to make this show work. You can choose to sit at your table, eat your meal and watch the loosely scripted show unfold around you, or you can introduce yourself to the strangers at your table, get up and dance when the reception starts, mingle with the family and participate in the staged wedding traditions. Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is not meant to dazzle the audience but provide a platform from which guests can create their own entertainment.

This dinner show is an adults-only performance at V Theater in the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. The show takes place in a long room, which is not the ideal venue for such a performance. Those seated at the tables on the two ends of the space will have a difficult time seeing the area where the “stage” is located. This area is also quite small, and dancing at the reception can get a bit claustrophobic, so feel free to start your own dance party in other areas of the theater.

Show times are Friday through Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. each night with additional performances scheduled throughout the holiday seasons. Ticket prices start at $89.99 (a good deal when you consider many show tickets are a similar price without a meal).

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Photo credit: David Saxe Productions