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Unique Las Vegas Spa Experiences

I actually hate the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Rather, I believe that if you have a rip-roaring grand time, why not tell your friends about it? Enjoy the bragging rights! If you’re lucky, they’ll want to join you next time you escape Dullsville, USA.

Whether you like to gab with the girls or keep the goods all to yourself, here are some spa treatments you don’t want to miss:

Hot Toe Bliss:
A warm stone massage with little stones placed between your toes. Supposedly good for cleansing toxins and opening energy channels. $25.00 at the spa and salon at Bellagio.

Aromatherapeutic Sea Salt Glow:
50 minutes of cleansing and moisturizing to refresh your skin cells. Mineral-rich sea salt crystals are applied to the body followed by an aromatic lotion application. Available at the Royal Treatment Spa at Excalibur Hotel and Casino for $95.00.

Volcanic Dust Mask:
This 50-minute island experience includes applying a mineral rich exfoliating mud and being cocooned in a warm body wrap, followed by a soothing lotion application, which will leave you feeling relaxed and glowing. $145.00 at Spa Mandalay at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.