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Weekend Getaway in Las Vegas

las-vegas-dec28Earlier this year, a good friend of mine told me about her magical weekend in Las Vegas with her beau…now husband. Yes, they flew to Vegas for a romantic Valentine’s weekend and ended up getting married. Classic Vegas story…

Her experience got me thinking about planning a weekend getaway for me and my husband. There’s nothing like a change of scenery after many years together, right? Vegas packages are quite good choices when you want to just go somewhere and relax. They typically comprise the flight and accommodation, but can often add tickets to the shows as part of the package.

We are, however, more independent when it comes to traveling. Tickets to Las Vegas are not hard to find and they don’t have to burn holes in your pocket either. Plan slightly in advance and keep your eyes on the airlines’ special offers. Chances are you’ll find something to suit your budget and travel dates.

Considering the many hotels available in Sin City, you’ll be able to find excellent rates especially if you book online. If you want to relax at a spa (or surprise your loved one with a couples massage), you don’t really need to book a room in a resort with a spa; you can always go to any spa you want (but typically won’t get discounts).

I also like to have a lot of freedom once I get to a certain place. When I leave home I prefer to just park and fly and not worry about the car until I come back home. And when I get to the destination, I typically rent a car so that everything is within easy reach. And when we are talking about Vegas, there are quite a lot of things to do outside the city, so renting a car surely pays off.

Come to think about it, maybe it’s time to renew those vows!