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RollerCon 2007 Skates Into Vegas This Week

RollerCon 2007 Skates Into Vegas This WeekRoller derby first experienced popularity in the 70s, and was even immortalized in several movies. The last few years have seen a resurgence in the sport’s popularity among women, who find it a great outlet for aggression and fun exercise. So it’s no surprise that over a thousand of them will be skating into Vegas for today’s start of the Las Vegas RollerCon 2007, which runs through this Sunday (August 12th).

For the next four days, convention-goers will be participating in rink scrimmages, training workshops (for those ranging in skill levels from “fresh meat” to intermediate) and classes on all aspects of the sport. RollerCon is using the Imperial Palace as home base, with skating challenges taking place at Fremont St and 1st Ave downtown and scrimmages taking place at the Flamingo Banks roller hockey rink. These day-long activities are only available to those who are badge-holding attendees.

However, if you’re a fan of the sport, and not holding a convention badge, you can mingle for free with the skaters each night at – where else? – the Double Down Saloon. The bar, home of the fabled “ass juice” and birthplace of the bacon martini, has a multi-band punk rock line-up in place for each night.

Tonight features the roster of The Young Livers, 1/2 Ast, The Real Shames, The Quitters and Attack Ships on Fire. Tomorrow (Aug 9), you can catch a burlesque show followed by Peccadilloes, Josef Grool and Secret Crush Society. Friday rocks out with The Withdrawals, Three Chord Wonders, Johnny Cheapo, Give ‘Em Hell, Longway and Helltown Harlots. Taking the stage on Saturday will be The Pin Ups, Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders, Pretty In Stereo, Babies With Rabies and In Liars We Trust. Sunday, the bar wraps up the convention entertainment with – I am not making this up – the “Panty Hamster Snatchfest” feat. The Bargain DJ Collective spinning girl groups from 2pm – 7pm. Then at 10pm, Graceland Mafia, Super Swamper and Sin Serenade close the show.

Admission to the Double Down Saloon shows are, as always, no cover. Though I do suggest a round of “ass juice” will make you very popular with the rollergirls.

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