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Cheap Flights from New York to Las Vegas

It may not be a world of difference traveling from New York to Las Vegas, but with three time zones of change, you might as well be in a different country. It has become increasingly popular for people from New York to travel to Las Vegas for long weekends or vacations, and it’s also popular for people living in Las Vegas to pack their bags for New York City.

The majority of flights out of New York will leave from New York City. JFK International Airport and LaGuardia International Airport offer the widest array of flights from New York to Las Vegas with service on 14 different airlines. It is out of these two airports that travelers are most likely to find direct flights.

Of course, there are several other airports throughout the state of New York where travelers can catch flights to Las Vegas.

The average plane ticket from New York to Las Vegas costs around $350.00 round trip, however there are occasional deals that allow visitors to find cheap flights to Las Vegas. Air Tran often has the least expensive ticket prices, and Frontier also offers relatively inexpensive flights, but JetBlue, which offers the most non-stop flights between the two destinations, usually has low prices as well.

There really isn’t a “low” season in Las Vegas but rather slower times of the year. Some people believe that the weather in the summer turns people off, but this is one of the busiest times of the year in Las Vegas. Others think that the ideal weather in the winter encourages visitors but this is when some of the shows and attractions close for maintenance. There is an increase of visitors during holidays and conventions, and gamblers flock to the city during heavy betting events such as the Kentucky Derby, the Superbowl and March Madness. The least expensive flights are usually the red-eye flights and those that go between the two cities in the middle of the week. If you want to visit Las Vegas during one of the busier periods of time, purchase a ticket far in advance as seats do fill up on flights.

With 321 flights between the two cities weekly, you’ll always find a flight that goes from point A to point B. United Airlines offers the shortest flight at 2,236 miles. Most flights will have at least one stop, however, and Los Angeles is one of the more popular places for a layover on this route.