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Culture Shock for Las Vegas Virgins

Just like sex, there is a first time, and then there is a first time. Be ready to hate Las Vegas on your virgin trip and love it on the next. And cheers to all the Vegas virgins that love it from the get go.

But it’s not always the way. For starters, Las Vegas is anything but politically correct. If you are, it doesn’t mean Vegas isn’t for you; it just means you’ll need to bring your own heaping mound of salt. Here are some things that might freak out the conservative Vegas Virgin:

Cocktail waitresses: If you are gambling in a casino, you will be offered free drinks. Most likely by a cocktail waitress who’s boobs are half hanging out of her glittery top, or whose skirt is so short you can see nearly see what is above her leg. You shouldn’t have any problem figuring out who these ladies are, but just in case, they will be saying “cocktails!” Yes, women are sexified and objectified in Vegas. It’s all part of the show, and it takes a couple of visits to keep your eyes from popping out of their sockets. Trust me, they are working hard. So tip them $1.00 per drink or more (especially if you’re winning big).

Where’d my money go?: Ahhh … the age-old, ultimate question in Las Vegas. I don’t know of any other place where you can see so much money being passed between people – especially yours! There’s something about Vegas that inspires the “oh, why not!” attitude. If that’s not a shock to your system, watching the high rollers will be. Step up to a $100 minimum craps table and watch the stacks of chips being passed. Yes, you’re seeing it right. Black chips are worth $100 each, a brown and yellow chip is worth $500, the purple ones are $1,000, and the XX ones are $5,000 chips. Make sure you have your drinks before or after your first casino floor visit; we wouldn’t want you to choke and spit on the person next to you the first time you see the house take someone’s $10,000 bankroll.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: Those really hot looking girls playing slots by themselves near the door are probably waiting for somebody – you … as long as you’re paying like Richard Gere did in Pretty Woman. Working girls are around, and if you can’t spot them yourself, take a walk on the strip and pick up a card from any of the many card slappers trying to hand out little notices about women escorts. Women need not be afraid of the card slappers on Las Vegas Boulevard. They mostly want to get the attention of men. Remember, they’re just getting paid to hand out their cards and that’s all.